My-Me-Month! – I’m the treat behind every door

Ok. So. Full honesty. My last post – wrote that a month ago. So this is take 2 at starting a blog. And also a great way to manage expectations lovely imaginary followers – if I say I do things non-work-related (work me is super efficient and awesome) it’s generally 32-54 business days before stuff actually happens. It’s not the greatest turnaround time, I can admit that, but, well, it’s what we’re dealing with here. So. Just being realistic. Anyways. Super happy to be writing my second blog post that may or may not be posted any time soon. I am also having a glass of wine, a lovely Spanish white wine (goes great with the bottle of prosecco I just finished). For that reason, I have come up with an additional idea to my pre-new-life-start – My me month!

Xmas time is awesome. Not because I would believe in three wise men existing and bringing gifts but because it is just a beautiful time of the year – the candle lights breaking the darkness, the people rushing around madly for a month just to calm down completely for a couple of days, the overly materialistic holiday culminating in quality time with family, the overeating turning into diets just few days after. It is the most beautiful time of the year – peaceful and chaotic and going from one extreme to another. But I’m getting ahead of things. One favourite of mine, as part of this waiting for one extreme to hit another, is the advent calendar – opening one door a day, getting that one tiny piece of chocolate and counting down the days to eating so much chocolate in one sitting you’re ready to sign up for that gym in January.

Bit of a long intro, so how about we try and get to my point: Imagine an advent calendar – but for self-care. Hear me out – it could be chocolate one day, because health benefits, but it could be exercise, massage, reading, learning, developing, reaching out to people we miss, hugging a random dog, meditating, whatever does you good. OR. Not doing something that doesn’t support your mental/physical well-being: I certainly have a lot of those in mind, like maybe, potentially, skipping that weekly bottle of bubbles.  

I’m quite aware that it’s the 27th of November, and I’ve had a couple of drinks, and given my success record with doing stuff I want and need to do, I’d say there’s a 97% chance I will not post this and 99,99% chance I will not follow through with my My-Me-Month plan. But! I also have a track record of starting about a billion things, failing at them, and then starting a billion more, so who knows, maybe this is a numbers game and this try could be the one that sticks. Also, why wouldn’t I try, at least I’ve tried, and if I do fail, who cares. You wont, you’re imaginary!

…aaaaaand here’s the November 29th edit to the post; took me only 2 days to post this! We are doing this!

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