Day 2 – almost missed it

It’ll be a short one today! It’s 7:30pm and I still got a couple of hours of work left to do, which is great since I’ve only been at it since 6:30am …just one of those days…and I must admit, I seriously thought about just powering through the work, ordering take out and going to bed, skipping the self-care as I just do not have the time or energy for it. But then I had a strong chat with myself and we came to the conclusion that it’s only day 2 and while this thing has lasted for a full day and a half already, which is about 20 hours longer than a lot of my other self-improvement initiatives, we should not give up yet.

Since I don’t have the time, and really really just want to finish a few things and go to bed, I selected a very quick and easy self-care action for today; the plank challenge. It’s literally just 60 seconds and then I’ll be back to my excels sheets. I have selected this version of it for myself as it was well, in the top 3 first google results and that’s about the engagement level this little side quest of mine gets.

But it is 60 seconds which is more than nothing, kinda counts as exercise, and allows me to be proud of myself for doing something today! So. I’ll hit publish on this post of mine, get on planking, tell Alexa to set a timer for 60 seconds, and then feel bad about the inevitable realization of just how out of shape I am. Should be fun.

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