Hard start – onwards! Fuck the goal for now, milestone your steps up!

I’ve been wallowing in sadness for a while (read; days, weeks, months, years). It has been a great excuse to have uber eats deliver my meals; salad? No. Pizza, yes. It has been a great reason to not move an arm or a leg to do anything. It has been a great excuse to ignore my friends, my work, my family. The excuse? Sadness, depression, anxiety; world of pain, a mountain of tears. Sure, it is valid. It is. But.

But. Maybe it’s time to take a step forward. We will have time to wallow. But. Maybe now we need to kick our leg in a leg and make it at least twitch.

We all know the concept of beach body. Here’s a July start for it. While the majority of my followers and likes are from my side of the world, we should not neglect the other half. And. Given that new years is always a shitty time for change; let’s aim for February 1st of change. February 1st of change to report on. That means, for the math people of you to fact check; 6-7 months of change!

And the rules?

  1. Milestone your achievements; I’m assuming your goal is to get/be better, let’s count the steps you take for it. Whether your goal is to just get out of your apartment by February, or run the marathon; taking a walk to the corner store will count.
  2. No step is too small; we have different goals, we all start from different places – no step is too small
    1. Want to lose weight (that’s me); skip a pizza order per week, walk 100 meters, make one push up to try it out
    1. Want to start dating; open a dating profile, say hi to a person of interest, asks a rock out to try it out
    1. Want to get ahead in your career; update your CV, start linking articles to your LinkedIN profile, send an application to a job and try it out
  3. No judgement; the steps we take might be small, and they might be counteracted with a bunch of other actions. The point is to make a step for the better.
  4. NO STEP IS TOO SMALL. Take that trash out, make that one squat, have a shower, leave your apartment, say hi to a rando, do your laundry. Be proud. Be MY PROUD
  5. You need to do one thing a week you can call as #myproud. One thing. ONE.

We deal with shit, we feel like it. But we need to, want to, move on. How do we do it? One step at a time. That step might not mean shit to others, they might even laugh at it – but for us? For us that one step is massive. Let’s make that step, let’s be proud of it.

Day 2 – almost missed it

It’ll be a short one today! It’s 7:30pm and I still got a couple of hours of work left to do, which is great since I’ve only been at it since 6:30am …just one of those days…and I must admit, I seriously thought about just powering through the work, ordering take out and going to bed, skipping the self-care as I just do not have the time or energy for it. But then I had a strong chat with myself and we came to the conclusion that it’s only day 2 and while this thing has lasted for a full day and a half already, which is about 20 hours longer than a lot of my other self-improvement initiatives, we should not give up yet.

Since I don’t have the time, and really really just want to finish a few things and go to bed, I selected a very quick and easy self-care action for today; the plank challenge. It’s literally just 60 seconds and then I’ll be back to my excels sheets. I have selected this version of it for myself as it was well, in the top 3 first google results and that’s about the engagement level this little side quest of mine gets.

But it is 60 seconds which is more than nothing, kinda counts as exercise, and allows me to be proud of myself for doing something today! So. I’ll hit publish on this post of mine, get on planking, tell Alexa to set a timer for 60 seconds, and then feel bad about the inevitable realization of just how out of shape I am. Should be fun.

Day 1 – Off we go!

It’s December y’all! I bet you didn’t think I’d actually post something – I certainly had my doubts. And I did wake up this morning in a slight state of panic – I’ve promised all my millions of imaginary blog followers a daily post about self-care and have no idea what to actually do or write about. I then realized that that’s quite worrying in itself, and need to most definitely work on it…now. But. What to do. What. to. do.

Here’s what I did do: I got up, opened the curtains and sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee and started to weigh the two most obvious options in my mind; eating healthy or going for a walk. Eating salad for a day is an easy no for me, and the walk idea was thrown out because I noticed it was snowing, and why on earth would I go out in snow? It’s cold, and wet, and I’ll probably slip and fall and break my legs and hit my head, be rushed to a hospital in an ambulance and miss out on December and Xmas entirely because I’m in a coma, and have broken legs, and why would I want that? Why? I don’t. So I drank my coffee and watched the snow fall onto my balcony.

I do this every morning, especially now since it’s home office all day everyday thanks to COVID; I get up at 6-7 and take a good couple of hours just to drink a few cups of coffee, read the news, and mentally prepare for my workday which nowadays consists of a marathon of calls and an ever-growing to-do list. This morning, instead of getting my daily doze of my favourite new reality show; the never-ending US elections saga, which I find entertaining and worrying at the same time, I pondered on what counts as self-care. Taking care of the body is a given, but how about mental health? While I definitely do need to work on my body and only have overly dramatic reasons for not doing so, my mind could definitely use a break too. So I watched the snow fall, started checking on my meeting schedule for the day, the reports I need to pull, the data to analyse, the workshops to design, and the powerpoints to create. So many powerpoints.  And I watched the snow fall. I started thinking about all the kids that must be super stoked about the first snow of the year and how they’ll go out and play without having to worry about topics like project plans and stakeholder management. The lucky idiots have probably even never seen an excel sheet. Oh the days.

So I watched the snow fall, and the time getting closer and closer to my first meeting of the day – a meeting I could easily skip as it was one of those let’s invite half of the organization to talk through a deck of slides we could have, and will, just sent via email -type of meetings. And what did I do? I skipped the meeting, put on my jacket, and went onto my balcony in my slippers and pyjamas to build a snowman. A snowman! I had the best 30 minutes I’ve had in a looooooooong time. I was giggling and smiling, freezing with my hands as I wasn’t smart enough to find gloves, and absolutely enjoyed doing something that took me away from what could have been death by powerpoint to a moment of carefree joy and laughter, and a nice reminder of the simpler times when I also had never heard of excel.

I named my self-care of today Claus; he might not be the most handsome of all the snowmen but he sure did make me happy.


I don’t know how you define self-care but for me that 30 minutes of childlike joy was exactly the type of a break from reality I needed. If you disagree, do let me know. If not, join me in celebrating a great start to my-me-month, and also, and maybe more importantly, the first time I’ve used “y’all” in a sentence. Hope you do something that makes you smile too today!

My-Me-Month! – I’m the treat behind every door

Ok. So. Full honesty. My last post – wrote that a month ago. So this is take 2 at starting a blog. And also a great way to manage expectations lovely imaginary followers – if I say I do things non-work-related (work me is super efficient and awesome) it’s generally 32-54 business days before stuff actually happens. It’s not the greatest turnaround time, I can admit that, but, well, it’s what we’re dealing with here. So. Just being realistic. Anyways. Super happy to be writing my second blog post that may or may not be posted any time soon. I am also having a glass of wine, a lovely Spanish white wine (goes great with the bottle of prosecco I just finished). For that reason, I have come up with an additional idea to my pre-new-life-start – My me month!

Xmas time is awesome. Not because I would believe in three wise men existing and bringing gifts but because it is just a beautiful time of the year – the candle lights breaking the darkness, the people rushing around madly for a month just to calm down completely for a couple of days, the overly materialistic holiday culminating in quality time with family, the overeating turning into diets just few days after. It is the most beautiful time of the year – peaceful and chaotic and going from one extreme to another. But I’m getting ahead of things. One favourite of mine, as part of this waiting for one extreme to hit another, is the advent calendar – opening one door a day, getting that one tiny piece of chocolate and counting down the days to eating so much chocolate in one sitting you’re ready to sign up for that gym in January.

Bit of a long intro, so how about we try and get to my point: Imagine an advent calendar – but for self-care. Hear me out – it could be chocolate one day, because health benefits, but it could be exercise, massage, reading, learning, developing, reaching out to people we miss, hugging a random dog, meditating, whatever does you good. OR. Not doing something that doesn’t support your mental/physical well-being: I certainly have a lot of those in mind, like maybe, potentially, skipping that weekly bottle of bubbles.  

I’m quite aware that it’s the 27th of November, and I’ve had a couple of drinks, and given my success record with doing stuff I want and need to do, I’d say there’s a 97% chance I will not post this and 99,99% chance I will not follow through with my My-Me-Month plan. But! I also have a track record of starting about a billion things, failing at them, and then starting a billion more, so who knows, maybe this is a numbers game and this try could be the one that sticks. Also, why wouldn’t I try, at least I’ve tried, and if I do fail, who cares. You wont, you’re imaginary!

…aaaaaand here’s the November 29th edit to the post; took me only 2 days to post this! We are doing this!